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Schneider Electric is a company specializing in energy management and automation, present in over 100 countries. It offers integrated solutions for various market segments.

The company's objective is to allow everyone to make the best use of energy and resources, combining progress and sustainability.

At Schneider they call this philosophy Life Is On

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  • LC1D65AP7 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC LC1D65AP7 | Schneider Electric

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    Schneider Electric LC1D65AP7 LC1D65AP7 is a 3-pole TeSys D contactor from Schneider Electric for motor applications up to 30 kW at 400 V. It includes a 230V 50/60 Hz AC coil and integrated 1NO+1NC auxiliary contacts and can be used in applications safety thanks to the certified NC mirror contact. Compact, with DIN rail mounting, it guarantees high reliability and durability. Available worldwide, it is certified to multiple standards (IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, for use in marine environments) and is Green Premium compliant (RoHS/REACH).

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  • XPSAC5121 | Schneider-Electric XPS-AC Module

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC XPSAC5121 | Schneider-Electric XPS-AC Module

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    Schneider-Electric XPS-AC Module - Emergency Stop XPSAC5121  The XPSAC safety module Schneider Electric controls the emergency stop buttons and limit switches. 24 VAC/DC power supply, has 3 safety circuits, 1 solid state output and captive screw terminal blocks. PresentationProduct rangePreventa safety automation Product typePreventa safety modulesafety module nameXPSACsafety module applicationFor emergency stop and control switching Module functionEmergency stopSwitch monitoring Safety levelCan reach PL e/category 4 compliant with EN/ISO 13849-1Can reach SILCL 3 compliant with EN/IEC 62061Safety reliability dataMTTFd = 210.4 years conforming to EN/ISO 13849-1DC > 99 % conforming to EN/ISO 13849-1PFHd = 3.56E-9 1/h compliant with EN/IEC 62061 Type of startingNot monitoredconnections - terminalsCaptive screw terminals, 1 x 0.14...1 x 2.5 mm² flexible without cable endCaptive screw terminals, 1 x 0.14...1 x 2.5 mm² solid without cable endCaptive screw terminals, 1 x 0.25...1 x 1 .5 mm² flexible with cable end, with bezelStud terminals, 1 x 0.25...1 x 2.5 mm² flexible with cable end, without bezelStud terminals, 2 x 0 ,14,,2 x 0.75 mm² flexible without cable endCaptive screw terminals, 2 x 0.14,,2 x 0.75 mm² solid without cable endCaptive screw terminals, 2 x 0 ,25...2 x 1 mm² flexible with cable end, without bezelCaptive screw terminals, 2 x 0.5...2 x 1.5 mm² flexible with cable end, with double bezeltype outputInstant relay opening, 3 NO circuits, potential-freenumber of additional circuits1 static output Rated supply voltage [Us]24 V AC - 20...10 %24 V DC - 20...20 % Technical characteristicspower frequency50/60 Hzabsorbed power in W1.2 W DCabsorbed power in VA2.5 VA ACcontrol voltage [Uc]24 Vbreaking capacity180 VA waiting AC-15 C300 relay output1800 VA peak AC -15 C300 relay outputbreaking capacity1.5 A at 24 V time constant: 50 ms (DC-13) per relay outputoutput thermal current6 A per relay per output relayConventional thermal current in air [Ith]10.5 A Associated fuse rating4 A gG or gL for relay output compliant with EN/IEC 60947-5-1, DIN VDE 0660 part 2006 A tripping for relay output conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1, DIN VDE 0660 part 200minimum output current10 mA for relay outputminimum output voltage16 V for relay outputmaximum input response time100 msRated insulation voltage [Ui]300 V (pollution degree 2) conforming to IEC 60947-5-1300 V (pollution degree 2) conforming to DIN VDE 0110 part 1Rated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]4 kV overvoltage category III conforming to IEC 60947-5-14 kV overvoltage category III conforming to DIN VDE 0110 part 1local signaling2 LED Current draw40 mA at 24 V DC on the power supply90 mA at 24 V AC on the power supplyInstallation35 mm symmetrical DIN railproduct weight0.16 kg

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  • R9D60616 | Schneider Electric Residual current circuit breakers (RCBO), Resi9, 1P+N, 16 A, C curve, 4500 A, 30 mA, AC type

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC R9D60616 | Schneider Electric Residual current circuit breakers (RCBO), Resi9, 1P+N, 16 A, C curve, 4500 A, 30 mA, AC type

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    Schneider Electric Residual current circuit breakers (RCBO), Resi9, 1P+N, 16 A, C curve, 4500 A, 30 mA, Type AC R9D60616 This Resi9 is a modular residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO). It is a 1P+N switch with 1 protected pole and 16A rated current In and tripping curve C. The protection class against earth leakage is AC type with sensitivity of 30 mA. The earth leakage protection delay is instantaneous. The rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn is up to 4500A according to EN/IEC 61009-2-1. This product protects against short circuits, wire overloads, electric shock from indirect contact and fire hazards. It offers a reliable and safe solution for commercial and industrial applications with high breaking capacity. This product complies with IEC/EN 61009-2-1. It has an electrical resistance of up to 7500 cycles and a mechanical resistance of up to 20000 cycles. The EU operating voltage is 230 V AC. It can be installed on a DIN rail. Width in 9 mm steps is 4. The color of the product is white (RAL 9003). The dimensions are (W) 36mm x (H) 82mm x (D) 70.5mm. The weight is 186 g. It has an IP20 protection degree (according to the IEC/EN 60529 standard) which increases to IP40 if inserted in a modular cabinet. The operating temperature is between -25°C and -60 C. Technical dataRange"Resi9"Product name"Resi9 RCBO"Product typeResidual current circuit breaker (RCBO)Number of poles1P + Nneutral positionLeftnumber of protected poles1Rated current [In]16 AType of networkCARelease technologyMagnetothermalcurve codeCdifferential sensitivity30 mAdifferential protection timing Instantaneoustype of differential protectionAC typeInterrupting capacity4500 A compliant with CEI EN 61009-2- 1 AC 50 Hzquality brandsIMQTechnical characteristicsdevice position in the systemStarting pointMains frequency50 HzRated operational voltage [Ue]230 V AC 50 Hzmagnetic release limit5...10 x Indifferential technology"Voltage independent"Rated insulation voltage [Ui]400 VRated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]4 kVpeak current250 Acontact position signalingYesType of controlLeverLocal signalingON/OFF indicationInstallationHookingInstallationDIN railconnection pitch9 mm between phase and neutral9 mm pitch4height82 mmwidth36 mmdepth70.5 mm product weight186 gColorWhiteMechanical durability20000 cycleselectrical durability7500 cyclesconnections - terminalsCage terminals (top or bottom) - 1...16 mm² - rigidCage terminals cage (top or bottom) - 1...10 mm² - flexibleCage terminals (top or bottom) - 1...10 mm² - flexible with ring nutwire stripping length13 mm for upper or lower part connectiontightening torque2 Nm upper or lower part differential protectionIntegratedEnvironmentReference standardsCEI EN 61009-2-1CEI EN 61009-1IP protection degreeIP20pollution degree2overvoltage categoryIIIAmbient temperature-25…60 °C

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  • PAS800 | Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Panel Server

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC PAS800 | Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Panel Server

    Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Panel ServerPAS800 Technical data Range "EcoStruxure"Product Name "Panel Server Advanced"Product Type Gateway Device Name "PAS800"Application GatewayEnergy serverData loggerNominal Voltage Of Power [Us]"110...277 V" AC 50/60 Hz"110...277 V" DCCommunication Gateway Ethernet TCP/IP to wireless devicesEthernet/serialPower Consumption In W 3.5 W "110...277 V" Communication Network Type Ethernet, 10/100BASE-TWi-Fi"2.4 GHz"Wi-Fi"5 GHz"Wireless, "IEEE 802.15. 4"Modbus RTU, Modbus RTU client even/odd or no parity, at "1.2...115.2 kbit/s"Modbus TCP Communication Port ProtocolDHCP HTTPSNTP/SNTP"IPv4""IPv6"TCP/IPCommunication Port Protocol2 RJ45: EthernetTerminal block screw: RS485Number Of Server 32 slave(s)Modbus RTU - without repeater128 slave(s)Modbus RTU - with repeater128 slave(s)Modbus TCP40 slave(s)"IEEE 802.15.4"Memory Capacity "32 GB" "eMMC"512 MB NANDNumber Of Inputs 0Connections - Terminals Power supply: screw terminal (top) 1.5…2.5 mm² cables Communication: screw terminal ( lower part) 0.14…1.5 mm² cablesTightening torque Power supply: 0.6 NmCommunication: 0.25 NmStrip length Wires Power: 7 mmCommunication: 7 mmConnector Type RP-SMA antennaInstallation HookingInstallation DIN railProduct certifications CEcULusRCM"UKCA"FCC IC Reference standards IEC 61010 IEC 61010-1 IEC 61010-2-201 UL 61010 UL 61010-1 UL 61010-2-201"CSA C22.2 No 61010-1-12"CSA C22.2 No 61010-2-201"IEC 62974-1""IEC 62443 -4-1"IEC 61326-1"EN 301-489-1""EN 301-489-17"EN 301-893"EN 55032"CISPR 11"EN 300-328"IEEE 802.15.4"IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n"Depth 70.2 mm Height 93 mmWidth 72 mmProduct Weight 206 g


  • MTN670802 | Schneider-Electric KNX interface 2-channel buttons

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MTN670802 | Schneider-Electric KNX interface 2-channel buttons

    Schneider-Electric KNX button interface 2 channels MTN670802 Button interface, 2 channels plus. Generates an internal signal voltage for connecting 2 conventional buttons or floating contacts and for connecting 2 low-current LEDs. PresentationProduct rangeKNXProduct typeButton interfacebus typeKNXTechnical characteristics mountingRecessednumber of inputs2Input typeBinaryoutput typeProvide signal voltageEnvironmentIP protection degreeIP20sch


  • LV429387 | Schneider Electric MX release - 208..277V 60 Hz, 220..240V 50/60 Hz

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC LV429387 | Schneider Electric MX release - 208..277V 60 Hz, 220..240V 50/60 Hz

    Schneider Electric MX release - 208..277V 60 Hz, 220..240V 50/60 Hz LV429387 MX shunt coil for Compact NSX, PowerPact Multistandard and EasyPact CVS circuit breakers. The nominal voltage is between 220 and 240 Vac at 50/60 Hz, or between 208 and 277 Vac at 60 Hz.  PresentationRangeComPacTProduct range"ComPact NSX100...250""ComPacT NSX100. ..250 new generation""ComPact NSX400...630""ComPacT NSX400...630 new generation""ComPact NSX100...250 DC""ComPacT NSX100.. .250 DC new generation"ComPact NSX100...250 DC PV"ComPacT NSX100...250 DC PV new generation""ComPact NSX400...630 DC""ComPacT NSX400 ...630 DC new generation"ComPact NSX400...630 DC PV"ComPacT NSX400...630 DC PV new generation"Device nameMXProduct typeRelease coilApplicationControltype of voltmetric releaseOpening coilRelease coilRelease voltage command [Uc]220...240 V AC 50/60 Hz208...277 V AC 60 HzRange compatibility"ComPacT new generation" "ComPacT NSX new generation""ComPacT new generation" "ComPacT NSX DC new generation"Compact Compact NSXCompact ComPact NSX DCEasypact "EasyPact CVS"PowerPact PowerPact MultistandardTechnical specificationsOperating threshold0.7...1.1 One openingresponse time50 mscontrol signal typePulseMaintained pulse duration>= 20 mspower supply inrush voltage10 VAAuxiliary terminal blockSpring 0.5…1.5 mm² (AWG 20 ...AWG 16)wire stripping length7 mm


  • MTN6725-0101

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MTN67250101 | Schneider electric Dali 2 gateway PRO 1CH/64 spacelogic KNX

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC DALI 2 GATEWAY PRO 1CH/64 SPACELOGIC KNXMTN67250101 The SpaceLogic KNX Gateway Pro DALI controls electronic ballasts with the DALI interface via the KNX communication bus. The gateway is a certified DALI 2.0 multi-master. The gateway supports KNX longframe communication and is compatible with KNX Security devices/telegrams and can be activated in the ETS 5 software. Furthermore, access to the device itself (e.g. for a download) is protected by KNX Security. Click here for 360 degree view of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MTN6725-0101


  • XB4BVG3 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC XB4BVG3 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric Indicator light Ø22 - green - universal LED - 120Vac XB4BVG3  The Harmony It has a metallic body. This indicator light, designed to be maintenance-free for a bright indication of process and machine operation, can be easily installed in a standard 22mm diameter hole and connected with simple screw terminals. It is clearly visually distinguishable from a distance thanks to the bright, long-lasting LED illumination. It is resistant to shock, vibration, dustproof and watertight, thanks to the IP66, IP67, IP69 and IP69K protection ratings which make it ideal for use in harsh environments.  


  • NSYCRN88300P | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC NSYCRN88300P | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric Spacial case CRN 800x800x300 full door + plate NSYCRN88300P  The Spacial CRN compact wall mount cassette is available in gray RAL 7035 and is designed for multi-purpose applications. The compact box consists of a body, cable entry plate, door with lock and bottom plate. The compact cistern is made of galvanized steel (body) and steel (door), making it durable and resistant. It has an IP66 and IK10 protection rating, which helps protect against shock, water and dust. Dimensions: (H)800mm x (W)800mm x (D)300mm. Features a double profile welded back to form a protected sealed area; the sides are made with a single folded section. The door is full. Features 1 door with reversible opening side. Includes a 3mm double bar lock. It features a polyester-based epoxy powder surface finish, which guarantees a bright, uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish. The device is qualified as a Green Premium product, with minimal use of dangerous substances. The compact cassette is UL. certified


  • ZB5AG6 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ZB5AG6 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric ZB5AG6The Schneider Electric Harmony key extraction left and right. It has a plastic ring. This keyed head provides a versatile interface for controlling machines. It can be easily installed and replaced on compatible complete key switches, to allow authorized personnel to change machine and process operating modes safely. It is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and waterproof, thanks to IP66 and IP66 protection ratings, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.


  • NSY2SP184 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC NSY2SP184 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric NSY2SP1842 side panels for Spacial SF 1800x400mm. range: Spacial - accessories category: container accessories - application: Multifunction - mounting position: Container sides - device composition: 2 side panels, fastening elements. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: with the kit version. Able to withstand loads of up to 1000 kg.... Applications: Industry, Energy and Infrastructure..


  • 21112 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 21112 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric 21112P25M motor protection switches, ensure protection of single-phase or three-phase motors and local manual control. This protection device ensures: isolation, manual control or remote control, protection against short circuits (magnetic) and protection against overloads (thermal). • Complies with CEI EN 60947-2 and CEI EN 60947-1 standards (association with contactors) • Certifications: CEBEC, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO, FI • Rated voltage (Ue): 690 V AC • Insulation voltage (Ui): 690 V • Impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 6 kV • Sensitive to phase failure • Breaking capacity according to CEI EN 60947-2 [kA]


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