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  • 3RV20111HA10 | <tc>Siemens</tc>

    SIEMENS 3RV20111HA10 | Siemens

    Siemens 3RV20111HA10 circuit breaker size S00 for motor protection, CLASS 10 release A 5.5...8 A release N 104 A screw terminal standard switching power SIRIUS 3RV2 circuit breaker For motor protection for safe disconnection in the event of a short circuit and for overload protection of consumers and the system as well as for the safe separation of the system from the mains.\nThe compact and tropicalized circuit breakers are optimized, thanks to their low thermal dispersion, for use in feeders, naturally also for motors IE3/IE4 and equally for DC switching. International approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and versions for applications in potentially explosive areas (ATEX or IEC Ex) are obviously available.\nDevice variants for motor protection are available (also with overload relay function ), system protection, short-circuit protection of combined starters, transformer protection. as a main and EMERGENCY STOP switch and for use in IT networks. They are available with screw or spring-loaded terminals for quick, maintenance-free and vibration-resistant connection as well as optionally with a built-in auxiliary switch block.\nAll accessories such as e.g. auxiliary contact blocks, auxiliary releases, signaling contact blocks etc. they are uniformly suitable for all construction sizes. The various power supply options, such as the SIRIUS 3RV29 power supply system, significantly reduce the wiring of the main circuit.\nThe 3RV2 circuit breakers replace the proven 3RV1 series.\nSimple, efficient, always up-to-date - the SIRIUS modular system.


  • 107940 | Eaton

    EATON 107940 | Eaton

    Eaton 107940 Spring contact element with front fixing


  • <br>278495 | Eaton

    278495 | Eaton

    Eaton 278495 2 S early auxiliary contact with screw terminals, for automatic circuit breaker size PKZM01


  • HKF101 | Abb

    ABB HKF101 | Abb

    Abb HKF101 HKF1-01 aux front contact. 1nc for MS for modular switches.


  • <span style="background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">HKF110 | Abb</span>

    ABB HKF110 | Abb



  • 266725 | Eaton

    EATON 266725 | Eaton

    Eaton 266725Optionales Zubehör zur Leistungsschalter-Reihe NZM bietet a umfangreiches Portfolio an Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für den weltweiten Einsatz. The assembly gestaltet sich flexibel and simple thanks to modular funktionsgruppen. Hint: Typ enthält Teile für eine Schalterseite oben oder unten für 3- bzw. 4-polige Schalter. Einbau außerhalb des Schaltergehäuses. Anbau der Abdeckung NZM1(-4)-XKSA erforderlich (im Lieferumfang enthalten). Verwendbar für: NZM1(-4), PN1(-4), N(S)1(-4)


  • SM1X1211 | Lovato

    LOVATO SM1X1211 | Lovato

    Lovato SM1X1211Additional auxiliary contacts. Side mounting 1NO+1NC


  • GVAD1010 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GVAD1010 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GVAD1010Fault signaling contact block + instantaneous auxiliary contact, left side mounting


  • 21118 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 21118 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric 21118Position and fault signaling contact, to be mounted on the left side of the circuit-breaker.


  • 417400 | Legrand

    LEGRAND 417400 | Legrand

    Legrand 4174001NO+1NC auxiliary contact for motor protection (max 2 contacts per motor protection). Left mounting


  • GVAN20 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GVAN20 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GVAN20Instantaneous auxiliary contact block with left side mounting


  • 216380 | Eaton

    EATON 216380 | Eaton

    Eaton 216380 Screw contact element with fixing in housing


  • 082882 | Eaton

    EATON 082882 | Eaton

    Eaton 082882NHI-E-11-PKZ0 082882 EATON MOELLER Normal auxiliary contact, 1NO+1NC, flush-mounted, screw connection


  • GV2K031 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GV2K031 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GV2K031Mushroom-shaped emergency stop button Ø 40mm for cassettes, latched with release, turn to release


  • 3RV29012E | Siemens

    SIEMENS 3RV29012E | Siemens

    Siemens 3RV29012Etransversal auxiliary switch block 1NO+1NC spring terminal for 3RV2 circuit breakers Simple, efficient, always up-to-date - the SIRIUS modular system.


  • 3RA29342B | Siemens

    SIEMENS 3RA29342B | Siemens

    Siemens 3RA29342Bside-mountable mechanical interlock for S2/S3 contactors Simple, efficient, always up-to-date - the SIRIUS modular system.


  • EP 099 4 | Abb

    ABB EP 099 4 | Abb

    Abb EP 099 4Circuit breaker signaling contacts, side mounting on the right


  • 072896 | Eaton

    EATON 072896 | Eaton

    Eaton 072896normal auxiliary contact 1 NO 1NC, with screw terminals, for automatic circuit breaker size PKZ(M)0


  • EP 842 7 | Abb

    ABB EP 842 7 | Abb

    Abb EP 842 7Auxiliary contacts with side mounting


  • GV2G345 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GV2G345 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GV2G345Three-pole busbar systems


  • 3RV29175AA00 | Siemens

    SIEMENS 3RV29175AA00 | Siemens

    Siemens 3RV29175AA00connection connector size S00 spring terminal Simple, efficient, always up-to-date - the SIRIUS modular system.


  • GV2AF3 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GV2AF3 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GV2AF3Association block between GV2 and contactor LC1 D09...D38


  • 216384 | Eaton

    EATON 216384 | Eaton

    Eaton 216384 Spring contact element with front fixing


  • GV2G354 | Schneider Electric

    SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC GV2G354 | Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric GV2G354Three-pole busbar systems


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