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  • 2CDS252001R0324 | Abb S202-C32

    ABB 2CDS252001R0324 | Abb S202-C32

    4 in stock

      Abb  Miniature circuit breaker - 2P - C - 32 A 2CDS252001R0324 System pro M compact S200 circuit breakers protect installations from overloads and short circuits, ensuring reliability and safety in operations. Technical dataReference standards:IEC/EN 60898-1IEC/EN 60947-2UL 107 Tripping characteristic: C Rated operating voltage:according to IEC 60898-1 400 V ACaccording to IEC 60898-1 400 Vaccording to IEC 60947-2 440 V ACOperating voltage:Maximum (Incl . Tolerance) 125 V DCMaximum (Incl. Tolerance) 440 V ACMinimum 12 V ACMinimum 12 V DC Rated insulation voltage (Ui): according to IEC/EN 60664-1 440 V Impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 4 kVat 2000 m 5 kVat Sea Level 6.2 kV Dielectric test voltage:50/60 Hz, 1 min: 2 kVInput voltage type:AC/DCRated current (In):32 A Rated short-circuit capacity: (AC) 6 kA(DC) 6 kA(400 V AC) 6 kA(400 V) 6 kA Rated extreme short-circuit capacity (Icu): (125 V DC) 10 kA(230 V AC) 20 kA(400 V AC) 10 kA(440 V AC) 10 kA(48 V DC ) 20 kA(230 V) 20 kA(400 V) 10 kA Rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc): (230 V) 20 kA(400 V) 20 kARated service short-circuit capacity (Ics):(230 V AC) 15 kA(400 V AC) 7.5 kA(440 V AC) 7.5 kAFrequency (f):50 HzRated frequency (f):50 / 60 Hz50 ... 60 Hz Power loss: 7.4 Wa Nominal Operating Conditions for Polo 3.7 WSupply voltage connection:ArbitraryContact position indication:Red ON / Green OFF Energy limitation class: 3   Electrical resistance:10000 AC cycle (i)Mechanical resistance:20000 cycle (i)Number of protected poles:2Number of poles:2Overvoltage category: IIITightening torque:2.8 N mMounting type:DIN-RailScrew terminal type:Failsafe Bi-directional Cylinder-lift TerminalActuator labeling:I / OActuator material:Insulation Group II, Black, SealableCasing material:Insulation class II, RAL 7035DIN rail mounting:TH35-15 (35 x 15 mm Mounting Bar) according to IEC 60715 TH35-7.5 (35 x 7.5 mm Mounting Bar) according to IEC 60715

    4 in stock


  • P9MPLGGD | Abb

    ABB P9MPLGGD | Abb

    Abb P9MPLVGDFlush luminous unstable push buttons with plastic lens, each order code includes metal body and satin chrome nut along with mounting bracket


  • P9MSMZ3N | Abb

    ABB P9MSMZ3N | Abb

    Abb P9MSMZ3N 3 pos black auto-return selector


  • P9MSVZ3N | Abb

    ABB P9MSVZ3N | Abb



  • <br>EA2000 | Abb

    EA2000 | Abb

    Abb EA2000 Bottom plate union kit H 2000mm for wardrobes.


  • P9MLGD | Abb

    ABB P9MLGD | Abb

    Abb P9MLGD Satin diff-yellow indicator light


  • <br>P9MMN2F | Abb

    P9MMN2F | Abb

    Abb P9MMN2F Joystick 2 pos. stable.


  • M236823 | Abb

    ABB M236823 | Abb

    Abb M236823 Transformer intended for powering control circuits, for example for control, signaling, interlocking etc. TM-C control transformers • Ideal for powering control and auxiliary circuits in both distribution and automation panels • Wide range of powers from 50 to 2500VA • Full power on all secondary sockets • Double secondary (12-24V or 115-230V) on the entire range.


  • BA9S24LEDV | Abb

    ABB BA9S24LEDV | Abb

    Abb BA9S24LEDV ABB signaling and indication lamp type/model BA9S24LEDV GREEN LED 24V BA9S


  • P9MSMI5N | Abb

    ABB P9MSMI5N | Abb

    Abb P9MSMI5N 2 pos. rotary selector spring des-cent black


  • HKF101 | Abb

    ABB HKF101 | Abb

    Abb HKF101 HKF1-01 aux front contact. 1nc for MS for modular switches.


  • <span style="background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">OFAA3AM500 | Abb</span>

    ABB OFAA3AM500 | Abb

    Abb OFAA3AM500 OFAA3AM500 FUS NH3 AM 500A 690V


  • <span style="background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">EA8081 | Abb</span>

    ABB EA8081 | Abb

    Abb EA8081 Side/Back Panel for ABB Cabinets Type/Model BOTTOM PLATE 800X800MM (HXL)


  • EV1001 | Abb

    ABB EV1001 | Abb

    Abb EV1001 LED lamp 3 6W 24V AC DC L 342 MM


  • M657693 | Abb

    ABB M657693 | Abb

    Abb M657693 E234 CT-TGD.22 Timer relay.


  • 2TLA019995R0800 | Abb

    ABB 2TLA019995R0800 | Abb

    Abb 2TLA019995R0800 JSHD4-2-AH TYPE ABB


  • P9PDTV0 | Abb

    ABB P9PDTV0 | Abb

    Abb P9PDTV0 Light source test bulb for control and signaling devices.


  • SRN10625K | Abb

    ABB SRN10625K | Abb

    Abb SRN10625K SR2 series box with blind door and bottom plate, 12/10 thick steel sheet structure, 20/10 thick galvanized sheet bottom plate. Used for the creation of command and control panels for the most varied industrial machines: from large machinery to automated production lines or parts of them, to the typical installations of on-board machine panels, to boilers, heating systems and more. It also allows the creation of secondary distribution panels thanks to the possibility of installing the entire range of modular devices and switches on DIN rails combined with special pre-drilled and hinged modular front panels.


  • P9MSVX0N | Abb

    ABB P9MSVX0N | Abb



  • BVND-P09MGT-11 | Abb

    ABB BVND-P09MGT-11 | Abb

    Abb BVND-P09MGT-11 Straight fittings with polyamide PG thread, for cable protection systems in a wide range of applications. IP66 version


  • ER 730 2 | Abb

    ABB ER 730 2 | Abb



  • <span style="background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">BA9S230LEDV | Abb</span>

    ABB BA9S230LEDV | Abb

    Abb BA9S230LEDV ABB Signal & Indication Lamp Type/Model BA9S230LEDV GREEN LED 230V BA9S


  • CL2502G | Abb

    ABB CL2502G | Abb

    Abb CL2502G ABB Full Optical Indicator type/model CL2-502G LAMP. GREEN LED 24VAC DC


  • ER 728 6 | Abb

    ABB ER 728 6 | Abb

    Abb ER 728 6 Metal Retaining Jumper, CR Series Socket Relay Accessory



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