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  • 301158 | Pepperl+Fuchs Inductive sensor NBB3-V3-Z4

    PEPPERL+FUCHS 301158 | Pepperl+Fuchs Inductive sensor NBB3-V3-Z4

    Pepperl+Fuchs Inductive sensor NBB3-V3-Z4 301158 Inductive proximity sensor model Pepper+Fuchs NBB3-V3-Z4 Technical dataGeneral dataNormally open switching function (NA)Type of output Two wiresControl distance sn 3 mmEmbeddable mountingPolarity of DC outputSafe operating distance 0 ... 2,4 mmReal control distance sr 2.7 ... 3.3 mm typicalReduction factor ral 0,45Reduction factor rcu 0,35Reduction factor r1.4301 0,8Reduction factor rms 0,5Type of output 2-wireSpecific dataOperating voltage UB 5 ... 60 V DCSwitching frequency f 0 ... 2000 HzHysteresis H typical 0.2 mm


  • 261916 | Pepperl+Fuchs Hart Loop Converter KFD2-HLC-Ex1.D

    PEPPERL+FUCHS 261916 | Pepperl+Fuchs Hart Loop Converter KFD2-HLC-Ex1.D

    Pepperl+Fuchs Hart Loop Converter KFD2-HLC-Ex1.D  261916  Technical data General specificationsSignal type Analog inputReplenishConnection Power rail or terminals 23+, 24-Rated voltage Ur 19 ... 30 V DCRated current Ir approx. 120 mA at 24 V DCPower dissipation 2.3 WPower consumption 2.9 WHART signal channels (intrinsically safe)HART field device input (revision 5 to 7)


  • kfd2-sr2-ex2.w


    Pepperl+Fuchs Switch Amplifier KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W 203355  This isolated barrier is used for intrinsically safe applications. The device transfers digital signals from NAMUR sensors or dry contacts from the hazardous area to the non-hazardous area.The proximity sensor or mechanical contact controls the control side load for an output with relay contact. The output of the device changes state when the input signal changes state.Using the switches it is possible to invert the operating mode and deactivate line fault detection.During a fault condition fault, the relay returns to the de-energized state and the LEDs indicate the fault according to NAMUR NE 44.If the device is operated via Power Rail a collective error message is also available.Isolated barrier 2-channel, 24 V DC power supply (power rail), dry contact or NAMUR inputs, relay contact output, line fault detection (LFD), reversible operating mode, up to SIL 2 (SC 3) acc. according to IEC/EN 61508, housing width: 20 mm, number of channels: 2 channels, safety integrity level (SIL): SIL 2, systematic capacitance (SC): SC 3, nominal voltage: 19 ... 30 V DC , Field device: NAMUR sensor, Field device [2]: potential-free contact, Line fault detection, Type: 2 x relay (changeover contact)Connection: power rail or 14+ terminals, 15-Rated voltage: 19 ... 30 V DCRipple: ≤ 10%Rated current: ≤ 50 mAPower dissipation: ≤ 1 WPower consumption: ≤ 1 W


  • 283674 | Pepperl+Fuchs transmitter power supply KFD2-STC4-Ex1.2O

    PEPPERL+FUCHS 283674 | Pepperl+Fuchs transmitter power supply KFD2-STC4-Ex1.2O

    PEPPERL+FUCHS TRANSMITTER POWER SUPPLY KFD2-STC4-Ex1.2O 283674 Functions: This isolating barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. The device provides power to 2-wire and 3-wire SMART transmitters in a hazardous area and can also be used with 2-wire SMART power sources. Transfers the analog input signal to the safe area as an isolated current value. Digital signals can be superimposed on the input signal in the hazardous or safe area and are transferred in both directions. If the HART communication resistance in the loop is too low, you can use the internal 250 Ω resistor between terminals 8 and 9. Test sockets for connecting HART communication devices are integrated into the device terminals. Applications The device supports the following SMART protocols: HART BRAIN Foxboro



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