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  • magnetotermico differenziale 16a - 5SV13131KK16

    SIEMENS 5SV13131KK16 | Siemens Differential circuit breaker 16a

    SIEMENS RCBO 16a MTD 1P+N 1UM 4.5KA TYPE AC 30MA C16                            5SV13131KK16  Compact residual current circuit breaker 1P+N 4.5 kA type AC 30 mA C16. The differential switch is the fault current protection device against accidental contacts. Number of protected poles: 1Rated current: 16 ARated fault current: 0.03 AType differential: ACWith neutral: yesNumber of poles (total) : 2Rated voltage: 230 VRated insulation voltage Ui: 253 VRated impulse voltage resistance Uimp: 4 kVLimiting class: 3Rated breaking capacity according to EN 61009: 4.5 kARated breaking capacity according to IEC 60947-2: 5 kARated short-circuit breaking capacity according to EN 61009-1: 4.5 kASwitch-off characteristics: Non-delayedType voltage: ACTripping characteristic: CWith locking device: yesOvervoltage category: 3Pollution degree: 2Ambient temperature during operation: -25.. .45 °CWidth in number of modules: 1Recessing depth: 70 mmRecess-mountable: yesProtection against unexpected start-up: yesDegree of protection (IP): IP20Connectable single-wire (rigid) conductor section: 0.75...16 mm²Connectable multi-wire (semi-rigid) conductor section: 0.75...16 mm²


  • 5SL62327BB | Siemens Magnetic thermal switch 400V 6kA

    SIEMENS 5SL62327BB | Siemens Magnetic thermal switch 400V 6kA

    SIEMENS THERMIC MAGNETIC SWITCH 400V 6kA  5SL62327BB  Magneto-thermal switch 400V 6kA, 2 poles C, 32A, Italian version. Versionproduct brand SENTRONproduct name Circuit breaker General technical datanumber of poles 2pole design 2 polestrip characteristic class Cmechanical lifespan ( maneuver cycles) typ. 10 000overvoltage category IIIpollution degree 2 Voltagevoltage type of operational voltage ACinsulation voltage (Ui)● for multi-phase operation with AC rated value 440 V Supply voltagesupply voltage with AC nominal value 400 Vfrequency value range of the supply voltage 50/60 Hz Operating voltage● for multiphase operation with AC max. 440 V● with DC rated value max. 72 V Protection classIP protection degree IP20, with connected conductors Switching capacity current breaking capacity● according to EN 60898 rated value 6 kA● according to IEC 60947-2 rated value 6 kAenergy limitation class 3 Dissipationpower dissipation [W] at nominal current value with AC inhot operating state per pole 2.3 Wsuitability for use in Residential Construction / Infrastructure Detailsproduct feature● halogen-free Yes● sealable Yes● silicone-free Yesproduct expansion mountable built-in additionaldevices Yes Connectionsconnectable conductor section rigid wire


  • 8mf10002cb | <tc>Siemens</tc> sivacon. sealing tape for side-by-side mounting of cabinets. IP55

    SIEMENS 8mf10002cb | Siemens sivacon. sealing tape for side-by-side mounting of cabinets. IP55

    Siemens sivacon, sealing tape for side-by-side mounting of cabinets, IP558mf10002cb SIVACON, sealing tape, for side-by-side mounting of cabinets, IP55 Version product brand: SIVACON product name: Panel coupling kit product design: sealing tape for IP55 degree of protection: IP IP55 integral part of the product: ventilation No Mechanical design net weight: 50g  


  • 3va9157 0fk21

    SIEMENS 3va9157 0fk21 | Siemens Door Lock Rotary Control X 3va10/1 Std

    Siemens door lock X 3VA10/1 STD 3VA91570FK21 IEC IP65 standard door lock rotary control with accessory door lock for: 3VA10/11. Versionproduct brand SENTRONaccessories Door lock rotary controlGeneral technical dataIP protection degree IP65 Mechanical designheight 70 mmwidth 77 mm CertificatesGeneral Product Approval EMC Declaration of Conformity


  • 8MF10002VU | Siemens metal diagram pocket

    SIEMENS 8MF10002VU | Siemens metal diagram pocket

    SIEMENS METAL DIAGRAMS POCKET  8MF10002VU  SIVACON, pocket for circuit diagrams, steel, galvanized Versionproduct brand SIVACONProduct name                                                          Drawing pocketProduct design Steel


  • 7KM32200BA011DA0 | Siemens Sentron PAC3220

    SIEMENS 7KM32200BA011DA0 | Siemens Sentron PAC3220

    SIEMENS SENTRON PAC3220 LCD 96x96 mm Power Monitoring 7KM32200BA011DA0 Device built-in device in control panel for the measurement of electrical quantities protocol: Modbus TCP with graphic display Ue nom: 690/400 V 45 ... 65 Hz Ie nom: X/1A or X/5A AC auxiliary energy : AC/DC 100 ... 250 V +-10 % connection with screw terminals Measures Measurement method for voltage measurement: TRMSMeasurement method for current measurement: TRMSType of measurement value acquisition: without spacesShape of the voltage curve: sinusoidal or distortedMeasurable power frequencyStart value: 45 HzFinal value: 65 HzOperating mode for measured value acquisition automatic detection of the power frequency: YesOperating mode for measurement value acquisition measurement valuesFitting at 50 Hz: NoFixing at 60 Hz: No Supply voltage Design of the supply voltage: Wide-voltage power supplyVoltage type of the supply voltage: AC/DCSupply voltage with AC: 100 ... 250 VSupply voltage with DC : 100 ... 250 V Communication Min. baud rate: 10 000 kbit/sMax. baud rate: 100 000 kbit/sNumber of interfaces according to Fast Ethernet: 2Design of the electrical connection of the Fast interface Ethernet: 2 x RJ45Protocol on the Ethernet interface is supported: MODBUS TCP


  • 7KM32201BA011EA0 | Siemens Sentron PAC3220 (DC 24 ... 60 V)

    SIEMENS 7KM32201BA011EA0 | Siemens Sentron PAC3220 (DC 24 ... 60 V)

    SIEMENS SENTRON PAC3220 7KM32201BA011EA0 LCD 96x96 mm Power Monitoring Device built-in device in control panel for the measurement of electrical quantities protocol: Modbus TCP with graphic display UE nom: 690/400V 45 ... 65 Hz IE nom: X/1A or 5A AC auxiliary energy: DC 24 ... 60 V -20/+10 % connection with screw terminals. General informationProduct brand: SENTRONProduct genomination: multifunctional measuring instrumentProduct design: basicProduct type designation: 7KM PAC3220 Supply voltage Design of the supply voltage low-voltage power supplyVoltage type of the supply voltage DCSupply voltage with DC 24 ... 60 V Degree of protection Protection class IP protection degree on front side: IP65 Product features Voltage measurement: YesCurrent measurement: YesActive power measurement: YesReactive power measurement: YesFrequency measurement: Yes


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